How To Love A Woman On Fire

to love a woman on fire

How do you love a woman on fire?

Come as you are. This woman chose you today and everyday not because of who you could be. She does not simply bet on potential and she doesn’t want to save you from yourself. She meets you where you are and loves you perfectly in every stage of transformation. Do the same for her. She is a force to be sure, but she is not perfection.

Rise where she falls. It will get messy. It is a little chaos, but all beauty. This woman knows what she wants and is her own advocate. At times, most of the time, she will fall short of perfection because there is never truly balance. Be patient with her.

Be gentle. You may confuse her fire for being unshakable, but fire does not make her invincible. In fact, just the opposite. She openly embraces vulnerability. She is a warrior of a different kind – light warrior, love warrior. Be gentle, but do not tiptoe around her – she can take it.

Be real. She craves truth. She embodies something more than extraordinary and you will instinctively rise to meet your best self because of her. Authentically. This woman is never in it to change you, she never pulls you to be something else. All she will ever ask of you is to simply be you.

Be fiercely loyal to her. And to yourself. She is fiercely loyal to all in her tribe. She is not in this to save you, but she will be damned if she sits idly by while you need something. She will probably never be the woman that waits on you hand and foot, but she will show up for you every time without hesitation or need to ask.

Love her senselessly. Adore this woman openly. Hold her close every chance you can. You may not be able to help yourself – to love this woman is to become a little love drunk. That’s okay. To know her is to love her and you cannot help but be pulled into her. Her aura is a mile-wide.

Let her go and welcome her back with open arms. It is in her nature to run off and recharge. Have faith in her return, she is probably just off howling at the moon and twirling on mountaintops. Relax. She is not running from you, but to herself. Her freedom and spirituality are so intertwined that who is to say where one begins and one ends? Nature is the embodiment of her higher power.

Try and never stop trying. She doesn’t perfection, she just wants your all.


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