Obsessively Seeking Sunshine?

This isn’t my usual long-winded post, I tried to keep it short and sweet today so you can get on with your Friday…

There is trouble in always seeking sunshine. Sure, we all want to be full of joy and lollipops, but blind optimism isn’t healthy or helpful.

If happiness is the mainstream drug of the moment, just enough enhances  your life beautifully, a little more and your vision (read: clarity) begins to get impaired, dangerous doses leave you hallucinating (read: delusional) and chasing a high you just can’t get to (rose-hued sunshine-y rainbows).

I see magazines and (some) self-help selling rose-hued blinders, but it’s super easy, super fast fluff. Not all of it, but I’ve taken my fair share of snake oil so maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I’ve just learned where to look for the answer.
Trouble with Seeking Sunshine
Where is this everlasting, bubbling cauldron of happiness and sunshine?

For me?

In the simplest terms: practicing full presence and learning to find peace and joy in every moment. I am not truly happy unless I feel connected – to a higher power, to nature, to myself, to everyone and everything. This doesn’t guarantee endless good times and Popsicle smiles, but it does set you in a position of power to choose joy and love in every moment.

Chasing down what most people can’t even seem to define for themselves seems sort of like sniffing out Atlantis. Exhausting. Fruitless. Maddening. Learning to love the moment, learning to always be in THIS moment, happening right here, right now – well, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Joy is with you always and the choice to experience that joy is with you always in the present moment; to become aware and take advantage of it is entirely up to you.

Love Always,

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