Photo by: Volkan Olmez Provided via Giving Up v. Giving it up

Why Giving It Up and Giving Up Aren’t the Same Thing

Surrender is sacred. It’s magic.

And there comes a time to lay everything down on the line and just give it all up. You’re restless as fuck. You’re burnt out on a life of settling and hoofing it down a conventional path. You want something more than comfortable; you’re out on the limb ready to pluck happiness from the tree. It’s there right in front of you, but you’re holding on too tightly to comfort so you can’t quite reach. If only you would let go, surrender to faith, and stomach the seconds of discomfort – you would no doubt reach it.

A Course in Miracles teaches that if you experience overwhelm, you are trying to take on everything yourself. Give it all up. Put it in the hands of the Universe or God or Buddha – whomever or whatever form of divinity that you are drawn to. Surrender. Before the broken hearts and debt and psychotic breaks. And once you think you’ve surrendered everything – surrender some more.

Don’t eschew faith as a crutch or the easy way out. Comfort is easy even if it’s miserable. But faith, surrender, can be so damn uncomfortable and hard. Faith under bliss is the easy part; the heart and soul of it doesn’t appear until your ass is in the fire. Let go of comfort. Let go of your way. Let go of the need for control. This is all fight, no flight. Surrender is not the same as quitting; there is no room for shame here.

It’s a hard road to joy, but every force in the universe is vying for you to get what you want. It’s up to you to choose that that is. If you fully choose joy, if you move your feet and pray, if you step fully into your truth (your power), well you just bet your sweet ass that you will have what you want – though it may not be what you expect.

In deep breaths, in prayers, in rituals, in tears, in whatever way you need. Let go and let God.

Love Always,


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