See Me – Kiera Dailey

I am bone and marrow bound together by skin
I am chaos with intention
I am whim and practicality
sewn together with divinity and wisdom.
I am layered, but transparent
I am authentic, but at times an unintentional hypocrite
I am the lesser of evils and lover of angels
and always a hurricane,
but ultimately I am love.

It is hard to pin down just who I am:
I can spin a yarn on the paths I’ve made and the roads I’ve traveled to get to where I am.
I can pick my intentions and hand them to you bound like a bouquet
I can tell you what I do in the day-to-day
I can give you references by way of elegant prose offered by loved ones.


This is where I’ve been.
I grew up as a military brat
and moved about ever three years.
Most of my childhood was spent on a Marine Corps base in Okinawa, JP.
In 2002 I moved back stateside
at the beginning of my freshman year.
A brief history of self-mutilation,
a much longer tango with depression.
Honestly, I have no idea why I stopped the intentional self-harm – one day I just decided I didn’t want to be that person anymore.

Over the years I have learned:
Some people come into this world simply to be transparent –
to show the world how to be transparent.
Some people come into this world simply to love –
to show the world how to love.
Some people come into this world to move, to inspire, to set fire to fear and social norms – to shake the world,
because the world needs to be shaken.

If this is you – or you want to head that way, Welcome.

My raison d’etre:
I believe a declaration of intention is important;
whether for life or a single endeavor.

My greatest intention is
to be and allow others to be
authentic, transparent,
joyous, healthy,
prosperous, full of love and clarity –
to let my freak flag fly high
and allow others to do the same
in whichever way they choose
and in whatever capacity it means to them.

During the day:
I work full-time
and own a side business as a passion parties consultant – yes, I do those parties!
I’m a collector of hobbies;
I enjoy snuggling with my man,
crocheting (badly and if anyone has any tips or patterns let me know!)
going rounds with my heavy bag,
cooking delicious things in inappropriate combinations,
and googling (it’s a mild obssession).

Love Always,

Kiera Dailey

Any questions, comments, or concerns –
want to see me write about something or have a suggestion for improvement on existing works –
want to collab on something?
(I’ve got a few projects building heat in the back of my mind).

Feel free to contact me here or jump on my facebook or twitter account.


6 thoughts on “See Me – Kiera Dailey

    • Your post was very well thought out and executed! It was my pleasure to read.

      Thank you so much for visiting me in my digi-home!

      Loving you always,

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