If I Should Die Tomorrow…

This is something a little different, a little dark.

Death is the only part of the life cycle that’s often spoken about in hushed tones. Mystified, revered, and feared – we sing about it, we write sonnets, but they are nearly always in the heart of the night spoken in metaphors with its essence only gleaned in the subtext.

But I don’t want hushed tones, aching, and tears at my death.
Instead sing from rooftops that I can finally find peace for my weary bones.
Shout that I lived and loved hard and died once the last ounce of passion left my body.
Tell them I used up everything.
Graffiti the walls with the words I spoke most often and may the lion’s share be the loveliest and most uplifting of things.
If I should die tomorrow, please don’t lay my body down.
Spread my ashes to the world.
Take me on one last trip.
Let me go in the wind.
Scatter me over seeds so that I may be part of the trees and it can be said that I began and ended with roots.
Place me at the center of all elements so that I may live eternity in perfect balance.
I have not lived quietly or apologetically so honor me by wearing red, dancing on a moonlit night in an open field of wildflowers, drinking good whiskey and great red wine, breathing slow in the morning, loving openly and unconditionally, and living your truth out loud every damn day.
Gather annually around a fire with good tunes – not to spend a weekend remembering me, but because I have found presence and connection to be the answer to nearly everything.
If I should die tomorrow, please don’t lay my body down.
May I still fly and swim and grow and burn,
may my words still rally,
may thoughts of me still inspire warmth,
and may my love still heal
long after the last of me is washed away to sea.

Love Always,


5 Awesome Things Happened Last Week!

Happy Monday!

Here’s your 5 Awesome thing that happened last week:

Enjoy your week lovelies!

These 5 Awesome Things Happened Last Week

Happy Monday!

If you’re having a “Garfield Monday” as my S.O. refers to it, or you just plain need a reason to smile and/or giggle then check out these 5 awesome things that happened last week:


Glow In The Dark Highway opens in the Netherlands

Pharrell Sobs Tears of Joy While Watching the World Dance to Happy

If You Don’t Know the History of Twerking… Watch This

This Kid Gave Away His Foul Ball

Boy Has Surprising Turnaround After Getting Unapproved Drug

Need more inspiration? 

Reprioritizing Passion

I am (at least in my own mind) an official Rah-Rah Girl! for all things passion, but it seems lately that the things I love the most have fallen scarily low on my priority scale. Happiness is a Necessity. I’ve already declared it a done damn deal, but for some reason I keep allowing things to get in the way – one of the reasons my posts have been so sparse. Slowly I’ve been working on a free mini-course and it WILL be out soon so look out for it, but today I would like to offer you up a completely raw and unedited excerpt from another project that was put on the back-burner. I would love to hear your feedback! Let me know if this is something that resonates with you and if you’d like to see more like it. Thank and love you all dearly!

Loving You Always,


On the acknowledgement and acceptance of vulnerability:


Vulnerability exists. It happens, and it’s hard. There, I said it with no apologies. I still creep back to the old stories I used to live on from time to time and I even get mad at myself for not leaving myself fully open, but not as much as I used to.

The first step is truly acknowledgment. Say hello to your vulnerability and give it a big hug or a high-five, whatever you need to do to cozy up to it because it’s your new best friend.

Now that you’re all acquainted, it’s time to get a little more real. What are your limiting beliefs on vulnerability?

You have 10 words or less finish the statement or answer the questions. Go:

Being vulnerable means:

Being invulnerable means:

If I am vulnerable:

If I am invulnerable:

When was the last time I felt vulnerable?

Did this impact me negatively?

If so, did I learn anything from the experience?

How would my life be today if I was completely invulnerable?

Would I be happier?

What is the happiest moment of your life?

Where can I start being more vulnerable today?


Oh I love a good cliché, don’t you? Balk at them if you like, but they exist for a reason. Tried and true, counselors everywhere will tell you acceptance is the first step to admitting you have a problem. Without acceptance and acknowledgment you are powerless to change anything because you haven’t given any credence to the fact that this thing exists. Refusing to accept vulnerability will lead you down a very ugly road. Look back to a time where you wouldn’t open yourself up to a person, a possibility, or love, or abundance. How did you feel about yourself? I know that every time I have shut myself down out of fear of being hurt, taking a risk and failing huge, or not being enough I was greeted with shame and regret because I shoulda-woulda-coulda done this or that.

Look, vulnerability is not just a tool that can enhance or jar your life – it is an inevitability. There are times you get to choose whether or not and there are times you will become vulnerable against your will, but like everything else in life the numero uno fact that determines whether this is friend or foe are the choices you make surrounding it. Choose to be invulnerable and shut down all of the time, and you may start to feel a burden or a certain sense of shame, “Why can’t I let anyone in?”.  As life happens we sometimes become vulnerable without much of a choice it seems; you begin to run through “Why did I let myself fall that fast?” ‘Why did I just leave my job with no safety net?” “Why did I invest my last pennies in that cockamamie scheme?”. In either regret fear, shame, and regret start creeping in slowly

You can “get by” without ever accepting your vulnerability; you can live a perfectly safe, sub-contented life without the battles and the scars that vulnerability can leave. Being vulnerable is hard in the beginning, but it is even harder to continue to make the choice to be open to life and all of its possibilities as time goes on things happen. Bad things, crappy things, sometimes tragic things happen. This is just a fact of life; your power lies in the choices you make after the proverbial poo hits the fan. You didn’t come here for easy, you didn’t come here because you are perfectly happy where you are; you wanted something more, something real.

Embrace your vulnerability; it is one major birthplace of miraculous things. I would wager money that most of the happiest, most fulfilling, abundant moments that you have ever had have come from a time you made the decision to be vulnerable. Think back to people you admire that seem so joyful and flowing, who just seem to get good things “thrown” at them, they don’t just accept but embrace their vulnerability. Energy of any kind, good or bad, has to be able to pass through you and when you close yourself off and build up those walls good energy can become stagnant and dwindle and bad energy becomes stagnant as well, but bad energy tends to fester and turn. Without vulnerability there is very little, if any flow. So how do you expect good things to come to you?

Is the Universe Trying to Tell You Something… Well, Maybe You Should Listen a.k.a Why You Should Pay Attention to Repitition

***I know that the posts have been sparse lately; I’ve been transitioning from two jobs to one and still haven’t had quite a chance to breathe let alone think! There a oodles of ideas a-brewing in my head so there’s definitely more to come!*

Love you all! Now onto the good schtuff:


Listen, Understand, Act


Lately one question has been rearing its head in my life in one form or another –

What do you want to do with your life? Ideally, where would you like to be career-wise? What is your big daddy pie in the sky if only the stars will align just right dream career?

For a bit it was mostly the interviews that I was going to, but even in my personal life people want to know – so what do you want? I figure this for a sign. The Universe is asking me with as many voices as possible,

Babygirl! What do you want? What can be set into motion for you?

Well, Universe I’ve thrown it out there about a dozen times and now my ears are perked up and open, my eyes are hungrily taking in every little thing, my intuition is going into overdrive weeding through opportunities that will put me in the best position to achieve what it is that I want. How do I know this is in the works? I just do. I’ve placed all of my believing and faith into this knowing that the Universe is conspiring in my favor (and I’m beyond grateful). It took a whole lotta shutting up and tuning in to hear it.

Manifesting is simple once we forget how hard it can be; let me restate, once we unlearn all of the things that block us that the ego has whispered to us (lies) manifesting what you want is easy because 1) you know beyond a doubt of a doubt that you deserve itand it’s already yours and 2) you know beyond a doubt of a doubt that the Universe/God is in full support of you. It’s no secret that I would like to move toward providing formal coaching offerings through one-on-ones, workshops, and do it yo’self courses with emphasis in self-love and empowerment – let’s figure out what turns you on and makes scream yes out loud. So I’ve put it out there, wishes and intention sealed with three kisses and hand to the heart to anyone that will listen and now once more on an online platform. Nothing like accountability to spur things on.