Milk Bubble Baths and finding the Necessity of Happiness

Three rubber ducks in foam bath

Three rubber ducks in foam bath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am the queen of compromise.
A true poster child for
always give a little more than you take.
Embodiment of nurturing, selflessness,
and unconditional, enduring love.
I get lost sometimes;
isn’t it nice to know
that everyone feels that way at times –
in a sort of someone GETS it kind of way?
I forget to practice what I preach,
I slip up for a moment,
but I always catch myself
and that’s what it is about.
Cultivating awareness.

This brings me to my latest A-ha Moment.
I was enjoying a milk bubble bath and
re-reading Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions
for the 4th (maybe?) time and something !clicked!
I rounded to the metrics of ease
and her opening pushes you
to reassess your definition of ease.
She asks: What if you only did what was easy?
I stopped to pick out other things in my life
I need to redefine.

What if my (your) happiness was a necessity?
By extension wants knead seamlessly into needs.
How would I (you) live life
and reexamine constant compromise
if my (your) happiness was a nonnegotiable thing?
Short and sweet – ponder it.


A Kind of Update

I wrote this elaborate post letting you all know what I’ve been up to, but alas my computer froze and pffffft all shot to you know where. So the extremely shortened cliffnotes version is I’m temping on a long term clerical assignment, I’ve started writing program and a free mini e-book about VALUE vulnerability-authenticity-love-embracing shadows, also started studying A Course In Miracles (if you have any experiences and/or insights to share I would love to hear them!) I’m on my way out the door so I’ll have to elaborate later.

Let your freak flag fly high,


P.S. I’ve been horribly yucky sick. My apologies for being away.

A Tiny Guilt Complex Coupled With Accolades and Some Serious Lovin’

I love free things.
Free samples,
free wine tastings,
buy one get one free,
Where does this madness end?!

Seriously though.

There is a line because nothing is truly free. Today’s guilt complex comes to you courtesy of “free”.

There are things that I want, that I need, that I’m driven to have that are far from free. I can take myself out of the “lack’ mindset, but when push comes to shove there are days when there is only just enough money left over to pay bills.

Not so recently I lost about 15 lbs. and I have yet to by one pair of pants that don’t scoot off of my caboose because something else always seems to come up, but seriously did I really need that latte – that $6 or $7 could have gone towards that.

There are programs and classes I would LOVE to enroll in – I love spending money when it comes to investing in myself and experiences. Oh, and other people, I love no-reason gifts! Instead I bought, gasp, McDonald’s or rented movies, or bought yet another book to add to my Unread Stack yet will add little to no value to my growth as a person or intellectual.

Here lies the guilt complex; there are people that I look up to, and I will make mention of them a bit later, that offer mindblowing services, products, coaching that I would adore having, but I’ve immersed myself in free content and feel a tinge of guilt because:

  1. I should be investing in myself.
  2. They work damn hard on everything they provide, even that “free” content.
  3. Buying just one product or service – well it’s almost like I’m buying them a well-deserved organic soy latte. Sip on that.

No dramatics, I’m just calling myself out because I found myself saying “I wish I could…” instead of finding a way to just do. Perhaps I’m not ready for it if I haven’t created the resources to get it. In my humble opinion, sounds like an excuse.

Without further ado, these are people that have rocked me on a profound level and I have all of the love and respect for them in ‘ze world!

Sera Beak

Gabrielle Bernstein

Marie Forleo

Danielle LaPorte

Gala Darling

Mastin Kipp

and there have been so many others that have impacted my life, but the major pushes forward, the primo changes for the better began here. These were my catalysts and I am forever grateful.