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Why Giving It Up and Giving Up Aren’t the Same Thing

Surrender is sacred. It’s magic.

And there comes a time to lay everything down on the line and just give it all up. You’re restless as fuck. You’re burnt out on a life of settling and hoofing it down a conventional path. You want something more than comfortable; you’re out on the limb ready to pluck happiness from the tree. It’s there right in front of you, but you’re holding on too tightly to comfort so you can’t quite reach. If only you would let go, surrender to faith, and stomach the seconds of discomfort – you would no doubt reach it.

A Course in Miracles teaches that if you experience overwhelm, you are trying to take on everything yourself. Give it all up. Put it in the hands of the Universe or God or Buddha – whomever or whatever form of divinity that you are drawn to. Surrender. Before the broken hearts and debt and psychotic breaks. And once you think you’ve surrendered everything – surrender some more.

Don’t eschew faith as a crutch or the easy way out. Comfort is easy even if it’s miserable. But faith, surrender, can be so damn uncomfortable and hard. Faith under bliss is the easy part; the heart and soul of it doesn’t appear until your ass is in the fire. Let go of comfort. Let go of your way. Let go of the need for control. This is all fight, no flight. Surrender is not the same as quitting; there is no room for shame here.

It’s a hard road to joy, but every force in the universe is vying for you to get what you want. It’s up to you to choose that that is. If you fully choose joy, if you move your feet and pray, if you step fully into your truth (your power), well you just bet your sweet ass that you will have what you want – though it may not be what you expect.

In deep breaths, in prayers, in rituals, in tears, in whatever way you need. Let go and let God.

Love Always,


Over-Spiritualizing Things + I Will Hold Space For You

A while ago Gabby Bernstein did a post about how and why to avoid over-spiritualizing, but for some reason today I’ve been thinking about this. Full Disclosure here: I know that this irritation is a reflection of how I feel about myself as well, so please know readers that I irritate myself to no end when I do the same thing.

I’m a spiritual person, love and joy are my religion – I feel no need to put my personal relationship with my higher power in a box based on rules written by someone that has/had entirely different wants, needs, desires, views, yadda yadda and spiritual tools can help us overcome tremendous struggles, manifest deepest desires, and reach peace.

That’s all lovely, but there comes a point when over-spiritualizing can be just as – I don’t want to use the word bad here – unhealthy as having no faith at all. Chanting, meditating, praying, ecstatic dancing, affirmations – these are all beautiful ways to heal, find clarity, and reassure yourself, but you can almost trick yourself into thinking things are okay when they aren’t.

Please, please, please don’t skip steps in the healing process. Feel your feelings! (I know I’m a broken record) Gabby says that a lot of people don’t want to go down to the deep, dark depths and I completely agree with her. It’s hard to let yourself be vulnerable to those feelings; It’s hard to make the decision that you are going to let yourself be sad, angry, disappointed, or whatever you’re feeling, but it is oh-so necessary. The emotions may feel so big that you can’t possibly contain them, breathe in deep and expand to let them in because it is true that you are never given more than you can handle. You can have a toxic relationship with ANYTHING – and when you begin to use your spiritual toolkit to numb yourself out from your feelings or the reality of a situation you are headed down that road.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotion, let someone in. I’ll be your friend ❤

I will hold space for you.

When the pain is so big you can’t bear to let it fill you

you have me to hold and share it.

Each heartbeat is a prayer to raise love, raise joy, raise light.

Let the pain move through you

until it is healed by love and hard work.

I will hold space for you.

When you feel so small and loneliness overtakes you

you have me to remind you, “Breathe. Expand.”

A glorious woman taught me once to inhale suffering and exhale compassion.

Allow acceptance of pain to move to embrace and gratitude of raw wisdom

and then you can meet the hurt head-on with love.

Know that I will always hold space for you

to manifest dreams,

to heal hurts,

to see just beyond the corner to possibility.

Love Always, Me.

If You’re Bored, You Must Be Boring… Attract Excitement Instead

“If you’re bored then you must be boring…” I’m not really sure where this came from, but I remember throughout my childhood hearing and echoing this sentiment. Over the years I’ve actually found this to be rather true, but perhaps not in the sense that my 12 year old mind made.

If you’re bored, impassionate and just kind of traipsing through life all of the time then you probably come across as a boring, apathetic person. Now I’m not saying that you ARE that person, in fact I believe that everyone has a quirky, passionate, excitable “Hell Yeeeeeah!” side hiding somewhere just banging to get out, but if you have nothing going on then you probably don’t have very much to talk about or do. Perhaps you’re contented with this, but it’s been my experience that this going through the motions does not a happy life make.

There are so many different ways to figure out what you’re passionate about; I’m a very hands-on learner myself so I like to get neck deep in whatever I’m doing and I want to try EVERYTHING! If you’re the analytical type, make a list of all the things that catch (or have) caught your fancy and see if you can find some common ground. I’ve spent countless hours giving advice for free to friends, coworkers, and random passersby that feel necessary to indulge me in their lives (who knows why? Maybe they feel that trust vibe coming off strong) and my favorite parts of anything (career, life, relationships) have always been very strongly linked to teaching, communicating, connecting, breaking down walls – so it eventually clicked together for me and I decided that I wanted to pursue life coaching as a career. Your passion could be hiding where you least expect it, maybe it lies in that one thing you’ve always kinda sorta wanted to do, but came up with 5,000 excuses not to just go for it.

Taking ownership/responsibility of your life extends to your happiness too so go take life by the balls! Go try something new today or indulge in something that already seduces you. If you choose to stay bored and make excuses then you will attract more reasons to stay bored, but if you go out and find at least one thing that seduces you, you’ll start to attract more opportunities for happiness (and growth!). The Universe wants to tickle your fancy, it has this unwavering need to seduce you and take you to heights of delight that you’ve never imagined. All you have to do is make that choice to align your will to God’s in whatever form he comes to you because the ultimate goal is love and joy and it should be yours too! You are the only one standing in your way.


Always remember: you get the value that you give.

Is the Universe Trying to Tell You Something… Well, Maybe You Should Listen a.k.a Why You Should Pay Attention to Repitition

***I know that the posts have been sparse lately; I’ve been transitioning from two jobs to one and still haven’t had quite a chance to breathe let alone think! There a oodles of ideas a-brewing in my head so there’s definitely more to come!*

Love you all! Now onto the good schtuff:


Listen, Understand, Act


Lately one question has been rearing its head in my life in one form or another –

What do you want to do with your life? Ideally, where would you like to be career-wise? What is your big daddy pie in the sky if only the stars will align just right dream career?

For a bit it was mostly the interviews that I was going to, but even in my personal life people want to know – so what do you want? I figure this for a sign. The Universe is asking me with as many voices as possible,

Babygirl! What do you want? What can be set into motion for you?

Well, Universe I’ve thrown it out there about a dozen times and now my ears are perked up and open, my eyes are hungrily taking in every little thing, my intuition is going into overdrive weeding through opportunities that will put me in the best position to achieve what it is that I want. How do I know this is in the works? I just do. I’ve placed all of my believing and faith into this knowing that the Universe is conspiring in my favor (and I’m beyond grateful). It took a whole lotta shutting up and tuning in to hear it.

Manifesting is simple once we forget how hard it can be; let me restate, once we unlearn all of the things that block us that the ego has whispered to us (lies) manifesting what you want is easy because 1) you know beyond a doubt of a doubt that you deserve itand it’s already yours and 2) you know beyond a doubt of a doubt that the Universe/God is in full support of you. It’s no secret that I would like to move toward providing formal coaching offerings through one-on-ones, workshops, and do it yo’self courses with emphasis in self-love and empowerment – let’s figure out what turns you on and makes scream yes out loud. So I’ve put it out there, wishes and intention sealed with three kisses and hand to the heart to anyone that will listen and now once more on an online platform. Nothing like accountability to spur things on.

Ramblings: Another Stay Open Post aka Don’t *ish On Your Blessings

Shutting down is easy stuff – numbing out keeps the painful emotions at bay. Who want to feel like crap? Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed this trend from the people around me. It’s only natural to want to protect yourself from being hurt, but when it gets in the way of your happiness there’s a huge problem. People want to stay in relationships and numb themselves out, decide not to try anymore because they’re tired of being hurt. Others want to avoid love and friendships because they’ve been let down one too many times. It’s easy to understand the reasoning; you don’t want to end the whole relationship, but there’s just this one thing you that drives you crazy – and you’re obviously the issue – or people suck and they have always and will always let you down.

Now, right here is where I get a tad (a lot) preachy. The best stuff happens when you stay open. Learn it, love it, live it. It’s the truth, I promise. This post isn’t specific to relationships, but it seems like everyone in my circle is facing romantic trials and that is what moved me to post this reminder today. Love period isn’t you’re problem, friendships period aren’t your problem; it all falls on the type of people you ALLOW – as in choose – to come (and stay) into your life.

Don’t let good things pass you by because you’re afraid of what has happened before, i.e. don’t shit on your blessings when they finally come along because you’re afraid they’re going to screw you over or you’re going to screw it up. The best things happen in those moments when it seems everything has fallen to pieces and you choose to remain vulnerable – not weak, OPEN.

How many different ways can I say it so it will finally stick:

  • Faith will take you to heights you never dreamed of.
  • Don’t just accept pain, use it as a catalyst for change.
  • The best is yet to come if only you will keep your heart and mind open to the blessings that are meant for you.
  • The Universe/God(dess)/Buddha/Tree Frog/Whatever is conspiring in your favor and the only way to receive the goodness is to remain open.
  • Maybe you don’t believe in a higher power. In which case, you are the author of your own story. You get to choose to make things better/let better things come to you.

Enough ranting/preaching. It’s hard and I know it is, I’m not here to lie to you about how easy it is to make this choice, but I can promise you that better things await you if you learn from the past while you stay open for future blessings. You’re not alone.



For more inspiration: Part Manifesto Part Letter: Stay Open