Ahem… RAWR! Seduction, Hip Rolls, Poles, and Unlocking My Divine Femininity in My Living Room

Lately I’ve been on the seduction train and screw just toe-ing the water, I jumped in with both feet and I’m in love.

With me,

with the world,

with just about everything.

What a lovely new way to squint at the universe –


I’ve been neck deep in bubble baths and Kitty Cavalier’s blog and her words just leap into me.  Seduction as a spiritual practice?! A way of

life?! To say that I was seduced by this notion would be an epic understatement.  In my own way, I have spent the last few years of my life

living this way. Being in the midst of a whole culture of women (and men) that tout the same beliefs, that put them into a palatable,

teachable, reachable form was awe-inspiring, core shaking, affirming for me.

I’m in love.

Dancing Goddess

I have also been doing some dancing,

burlesque, exotic, erotic

– whatever you’d like to call it

and I’m looking into buying a pole.

I’ve dealt with traditionalists, feminists, narrow minded religious persons and a most sneer when I tell them. By nature, I tend to be quite

erm… aggressive. I have a very in your face personality, most of my friends are guys, and an over-abundance of grace is not something was

blessed with.

Mimicking the dances of millions of women before me,


rolling my hips, my head,

trailing my hands over the peaks and valleys of my physical being,

feeling the slow stretch of awakened muscles,

just does something magical.

This puts me in line with a very primal, divine, femininity that has seeped through the cracks of the neat little compartments that I’ve made

for myself.

I feel luscious, alive.

I feel my aura expanding,

my perceptions shifting,

my soul opening.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing: Stop, go to the bathroom if your shy, and so some long, slow, wide as you can get them hip



Love List: Inspirers, Thought Leaders, and Plain ol’ Guiding Lights

Well, everyone! This is a little catch-all list of the ladies I’m loving these days. More specifically, these are the people at have me immersed in the thick of spiritual seduction and the sweat of self-love work and caught up in stark (and frankly sometimes damn scary) white hot truth. These women can pull truth, authenticity, self-love, and faith out of a stone. This is who I’m loving these days:

Veronica Varlow

Kitty Cavalier

The Dame

Goddess Star Monroe

Kate Courageous

A Beautiful Mess

And as ALWAYS, the ladies NEVER get old:

Gala Darling

Danielle LaPorte

Gabby Bernstein

Thank you for all you offer to the world. Keep on loving.

I know it's not Valentine yet but I'm full of ...

Showing some love to the thought leading ladies!