Photo by Carli Jean, Provided by Unsplash Writing a Valentine's Day Letter

An Open Letter To My Future Lover on Valentine’s Day

Dear Lover,
I don’t crave that Valentine Hallmark kind of love.
That complete me, save me kind of love.
I don’t pine away for grand gestures
and white table cloths and candlelight.
I’ve no need for that clinging kind of love.
That lonely together, good enough kind of love.
You won’t seduce me with hollow promises.
I need the kind of love that can’t be tied up in ribbons and pretty things.
I crave that enduring kind of love,
that mountain moving kind of love.
I long for that when the shit hits the fan,
you’re still there holding my hand kind of love.

Oh, Dear Lover,
Take my hands in yours
for I seek not to be adorned with diamonds,
only with the threading of your fingers through mine.
Seduce me with your quiet understanding of me.
Rise where I fall and I’ll do the same when you slip beneath.
Let us perfect our ebb and flow beyond what can be hidden by sheets.
Leave your sweet nothings at the door
and whisper only your secret wishes.
Lay not only your wanting hands,
but your most precious dreams on me.
And don’t worry if you can’t find the words,
our language is not limited to syllables.

Dearest Lover,
We are a long way from starry-eyed adolescents
with perfection and pedestals
tied so tightly to our expectations of true love.
No, I will love you as you are now – a warrior.
And though I crave your adoration and uplifting,
I was never built for pedestals.
Perfection is not in my nature.
All I ask is let me love you.

A Midnight Ponder: Gratitude, Passion, and Why Self-Help Breaks My Heart

Well Hello There Beautiful,
     It’s almost midnight and I’m lying in bed right now, a full heart beneath a nearly full moon, unable to fall asleep just yet because my mind keeps taking detours to deep thought. I can’t help but smile as I reflect on the past few weeks – they have been so full of love. My aunt has passed on and I’m sick (but making a swift recovery) and these things have only fortified my gratitude for all that I have. However because of these things I have taken some time to myself to allow the healing process to do its thing; being away from outside influence always puts me in a very reflective space.

         Something else has been fortified within me – passion; a passion to serve and spread love in whatever ways that I can. Whenever I scan through the Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds I literally feel a tug on my heart-strings. I am quite blessed to have some of the most inspiring people I have ever met all in my life at the same time, but I realize that a lot of them don’t cut themselves a break. I’m beyond sure that everyone I know is tired of hearing me go on and on about self-love and self-care and yadda yadda yadda, but it’s not self-indulgent chatter. In fact, I really hate that I need to tell anyone to love and respect themselves. It breaks my heart that it’s necessary for anyone to be reassured that what they want matters. Hell, I’m just going to say I wish the self-help industry would tank completely due to a sudden drastic uprise in love, acceptance, and overall happiness. Honest to God, I would love for everyone to just get it, step into their own power, slay their limiting beliefs (or not have any), take time for themselves, etc. My goodness what a beautiful world that would be.
     In my Utopia everyone would love themselves first and because they only saw love in themselves they would only project love onto others. They wouldn’t see their crap buckets reflected in every person. No bullying, because no insecurities could thrive. No war, because tolerance and acceptance of all different paths would be innate. No comparison, no judgment, and no fear.
     We’re a ways from my dream world so we still need more people to stop someone and tell them they’re flippin’ awesome just for being them and showing up that day. This just so happens to fall right in line with my passion and I fall somewhere right in between cheerleader and tough love reality check. “You’re awesome! I want you to be your best, so you just need to exhale the bull*ish to get to the good *ish.”
     I’m so grateful that I’m able to share my message and passion with all of you and beyond humbled every single time I get a like or a comment. I LOVE knowing someone gets me. Thank you for bringing me to your computers, mobile devices, and hearts. I hope that something here resonates with you and brings you a little bit closer to falling madly in love with yourself. Going to keep on keeping on until my dream is the reality.
Love You Dearly,

Be Your Own Cheerleader: Why You Should Celebrate the Crap You’re Going Through Today

Good Morning Lovely!

Sometimes it feels like we move from one hurdle to the next and we’re never going to get on level ground. Life has ups and downs and quite frankly shit happens. Your perception and reaction are the only things that you have control over. So take control.

Growth is ceaseless. We move from one end of the spectrum to the other and even as we abolish fears and limiting beliefs along the way all new ones slither in and the process of letting go begins all over again. Fear is a reality. Change is absolutely guaranteed. To avoid or deny these is to avoid or deny vital pieces of the human experience.

I began with this issue of beginning things. I tapped, affirmed, and trudged my way past that hill only to meet another – finishing. Same BS story in a different (spectacularly bad) outfit, “I’m not good enough”.

New hills are fantastic things – signs of growth and metamorphoses. It’s only daunting if that’s the feeling you let it take on; put away the violin and celebrate that you’re moving forward! Be your own cheerleader simply because you conquered and got *ish done! Your problems of today aren’t exactly the same as your problems of yesterday.

Need more? How about another angle?

#firstworldproblems I love it. It’s become one of those things that we just say.

“Spilled my soy latte ALL OVER my desk, saved my phone just in time! #firstworldproblems.


Well, you’re right… those are first world problems. For the love of everything good thank you for acknowledging that. Most of the people I know have never gone hungry much less actually have to go and forage for food. Most of the people I know have never lived without electricity and running water. Most of the people I know can escape their first world problems by watching TV or wading around in the social media pool – which is in itself a first world problem.

Be GRATEFUL for your trials because they are yours for a reason; you are never given more than you can take and the divine knows that you’re a bad ass. Chances are you are far stronger and much more powerful than you are willing to see or admit.

Love Always,


If God only gives you what you can handle, he must think I’m a badass! – Rotten eCards

Ramblings: Another Stay Open Post aka Don’t *ish On Your Blessings

Shutting down is easy stuff – numbing out keeps the painful emotions at bay. Who want to feel like crap? Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed this trend from the people around me. It’s only natural to want to protect yourself from being hurt, but when it gets in the way of your happiness there’s a huge problem. People want to stay in relationships and numb themselves out, decide not to try anymore because they’re tired of being hurt. Others want to avoid love and friendships because they’ve been let down one too many times. It’s easy to understand the reasoning; you don’t want to end the whole relationship, but there’s just this one thing you that drives you crazy – and you’re obviously the issue – or people suck and they have always and will always let you down.

Now, right here is where I get a tad (a lot) preachy. The best stuff happens when you stay open. Learn it, love it, live it. It’s the truth, I promise. This post isn’t specific to relationships, but it seems like everyone in my circle is facing romantic trials and that is what moved me to post this reminder today. Love period isn’t you’re problem, friendships period aren’t your problem; it all falls on the type of people you ALLOW – as in choose – to come (and stay) into your life.

Don’t let good things pass you by because you’re afraid of what has happened before, i.e. don’t shit on your blessings when they finally come along because you’re afraid they’re going to screw you over or you’re going to screw it up. The best things happen in those moments when it seems everything has fallen to pieces and you choose to remain vulnerable – not weak, OPEN.

How many different ways can I say it so it will finally stick:

  • Faith will take you to heights you never dreamed of.
  • Don’t just accept pain, use it as a catalyst for change.
  • The best is yet to come if only you will keep your heart and mind open to the blessings that are meant for you.
  • The Universe/God(dess)/Buddha/Tree Frog/Whatever is conspiring in your favor and the only way to receive the goodness is to remain open.
  • Maybe you don’t believe in a higher power. In which case, you are the author of your own story. You get to choose to make things better/let better things come to you.

Enough ranting/preaching. It’s hard and I know it is, I’m not here to lie to you about how easy it is to make this choice, but I can promise you that better things await you if you learn from the past while you stay open for future blessings. You’re not alone.



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Part Manifesto Part Letter to You: Stay Open

Dear Friend,

I have loved a man and lost him,

I judged and tortured myself,

I have been on the brink of giving up and giving in.

Still I stay open.

I have been ripped open,

I have been spit on,

I have been kicked while I’m down.

Still I stay open.

I have been openly mocked,

I have been torn down and turned away,

I have stumbled and fallen to unforgiving concrete.

Still I stay open.

This is where strength is cultivated,

this is where the definitions of vulnerability are changed,

this is where long forgotten battles are finally won.

Where do you find your epiphanies and a-has?

Your moments of calm knowing and clarity?

I find them in moments of joy,

but they are very often lost from not being earned.

I remember and keep them through painful trials.

I used to balk at the trials,

but now I accept them like tangible things

and treasure them like precious gems that adorn my temple.

I never wanted to learn that way –

never through I would have to.

That is why I strive to stay open

so that every day is one step closer

to learning every lesson through joy.

I keep going,

I keep carrying on,

I keep loving through it,

I stay open.

I breathe in the pain of the world

and exhale every ounce of compassion from my reserves,

like a beautiful woman taught me once.

I have suffered like you have suffered.

I would not stand as tall,

I would not live my life in love,

I would not have found bliss without it.

I just want to tell you that you are not alone,

through every tear and trial and tickle and triumph

my heart praises and raises the love in yours,

and always – ALWAYS – stay open

because you will make it through.

I Love You Always,