Passion Hunting! 8 Tips That Helped Me Fall In Love With Life

You can hardly look around the magazine aisle without seeing “Live the life you love” scrawled across at least a few issues of different magazines – especially women’s. What’s up? Passion seems to be the new “new age kool-aid”.

Of course it’s much deeper than hitting play on the “New Age: Greatest Hits” and I’ve noticed a kind of restlessness in the people around me. Instead of an invitation to unlock your passion, fall in love with your life, and step into your authentic power (I’m a cheerleader for you!) some see it as a kind of taunt – Why aren’t YOU living the life of your dreams?

Over coffee a friend of mine divulged her newfound desperation to break away from the malaise in her life, “Ugh I don’t even know what I like let alone my purpose. I’ve heard this a few times over from different people – different words, same feeling of overwhelm and urgency. I can’t speak for the world, but it seems people in my direct circle are desperate to grasp for more than just going through the motions.

It’s important. That “more”, that way of meeting your higher self, that way of taking yourself out of your mind touching your heart and soul – it’s so important. It’s also a process, a journey that shouldn’t be rushed and furthermore it should be FUN! The only way you’re going to know what you like and burst into what you love is by trying things so don’t get bogged down by the hugeness of it otherwise you’re kind of missing the point of reaching for bliss in the first place.

Here are a few tiddly bits to help keep you going (or get you started):

1.       Almost always, that thing you’ve been looking for is somehow incorporated into your life already.

I love, love and compassion and solving helping people see love and compassion everywhere. I also love problem solving and giving advice and people seem to trust me inherently. This past year I decided to pursue life coaching and will begin reaching for certification at the beginning of next year. What are you doing right now – no matter how little – that flips your happy into high gear?

2.       You have to try things. Passionate lives don’t just appear to those resting on their laurels.

I have had a mess of jobs that have put me in all different kind of positions and used up all of my different abilities. I take chances and put myself in situations and around people who make my best shine. Like people? Volunteer. Like athleticism? Learn the flying trapeze. Get out and do things, not only will you figure out what you do and don’t like, you’ll be around people that aren’t just waiting for life to come to them – which is exactly where you want to be.

3.       Be grateful for every little thing.

Yes, I get it your life could be a little better, but I can damn near guarantee you that the best way to move toward the passionate in love life you want is to be grateful for what you have right now. It’s not your dream job, but you have one. Your legs aren’t taking you up mountains right now, but they walked you to the corner store. Want more opportunities to pursue passion and get really turned on by life? Look for the little ways that the universe is reaching out to you RIGHT NOW.

4.       Let go of your expectations.

We, myself included (well, sometimes), get so caught up in what the outcome looks like. I thought being a lawyer would be the career of my dreams at one point, but with the hours and mountains of paperwork and research, the backstabbing, the lying – that just wasn’t in line with who I became. I would have never fallen in love with my life now if I held onto what my life was “supposed” to look like.

5.       Don’t take yourself, or anything, else so seriously.

Obviously, apply this where appropriate. I used to think that every little thing was the end of the world. No really, every.little,thing. Each problem that popped up was something that couldn’t possibly be rectified painlessly, every change was a threat to my comfort. You’re lovely, but get over it because the world isn’t coming crashing down. Learn to laugh, you’ll thank me.

6.       Be open.

This is semi-supplemental to Tip #4, but it’s vital to living the life you love especially if you don’t know what that looks like. Your job is to be open and put forth effort by trying new things, finding gratitude wherever possible, and letting go of the blocks that keep you where you don’t want to be – this takes a healthy dose of that scary “V” word – vulnerability. Don’t eschew things just because you think you won’t like it – especially if you’re basing that on what you’ve heard from so-and-so.

7.       Fall in love with the life you have now.

Again this is semi-supplemental (Tip #3), but it’s a slightly different, equally huge piece of the puzzle. You’re working on manifesting a passionate life, i.e. you are a co-author. It’s time to take responsibility for your own happiness and lend your hand to creating a life you want. In order to attract more of the good stuff you have to accept where you are now and love it. Love the journey!

8.       Be intentionally passionate and present.

This is an obvious, but often overlooked roadblock – open up those pretty little peepers! This tip is really broken down into two nuggets: 1.) Pursue passion – be passionate on purpose! You may get lucky and it may just bite you on the nose, but more often than not passion is a thing that you have to look for (even if it is right under your nose!). 2.) You cannot be trudging around in the past or future and worrying your days away about things that don’t really matter because you can’t control them. You have to be up front and mentally (soulfully!) present. How else will you see what is being offered to you?

Happy passion hunting!

Loving you always,



If You’re Bored, You Must Be Boring… Attract Excitement Instead

“If you’re bored then you must be boring…” I’m not really sure where this came from, but I remember throughout my childhood hearing and echoing this sentiment. Over the years I’ve actually found this to be rather true, but perhaps not in the sense that my 12 year old mind made.

If you’re bored, impassionate and just kind of traipsing through life all of the time then you probably come across as a boring, apathetic person. Now I’m not saying that you ARE that person, in fact I believe that everyone has a quirky, passionate, excitable “Hell Yeeeeeah!” side hiding somewhere just banging to get out, but if you have nothing going on then you probably don’t have very much to talk about or do. Perhaps you’re contented with this, but it’s been my experience that this going through the motions does not a happy life make.

There are so many different ways to figure out what you’re passionate about; I’m a very hands-on learner myself so I like to get neck deep in whatever I’m doing and I want to try EVERYTHING! If you’re the analytical type, make a list of all the things that catch (or have) caught your fancy and see if you can find some common ground. I’ve spent countless hours giving advice for free to friends, coworkers, and random passersby that feel necessary to indulge me in their lives (who knows why? Maybe they feel that trust vibe coming off strong) and my favorite parts of anything (career, life, relationships) have always been very strongly linked to teaching, communicating, connecting, breaking down walls – so it eventually clicked together for me and I decided that I wanted to pursue life coaching as a career. Your passion could be hiding where you least expect it, maybe it lies in that one thing you’ve always kinda sorta wanted to do, but came up with 5,000 excuses not to just go for it.

Taking ownership/responsibility of your life extends to your happiness too so go take life by the balls! Go try something new today or indulge in something that already seduces you. If you choose to stay bored and make excuses then you will attract more reasons to stay bored, but if you go out and find at least one thing that seduces you, you’ll start to attract more opportunities for happiness (and growth!). The Universe wants to tickle your fancy, it has this unwavering need to seduce you and take you to heights of delight that you’ve never imagined. All you have to do is make that choice to align your will to God’s in whatever form he comes to you because the ultimate goal is love and joy and it should be yours too! You are the only one standing in your way.


Always remember: you get the value that you give.

Just a Note About This Weeks Upcoming Posts: I’ve Got Dating on the Brain!

I am (fairly) recently single. That hiatus I took? Yeah, that was recovery time. It has been very difficult separating from my best friend. We tried again briefly and, well, fell flat. That is a man whom will always have a big ole’ chunk of my heart, but it wasn’t the right time or circumstance.  Moving forward.

That being said, I have a confession to make: I hate dating – or rather going on dates. I find the whole dance to be exhaustive and wasteful if I’m not pre-inclined to date said prospect anyway. I would much rather hang out until we figure out we like-like each other and we’re mutually physically attracted. I normally don’t have an issue because I tend to be very upfront about when it occurs to me that I might be romantically interested, but you see where this can get messy, don’t you? Even so, I prefer it this way. It’s time to venture out and shake things up, change allows for powerful shifts in perception and opens doors. So let’s open up some doors.


In short, I have dating on the brain this week and would like to offer some spiritual observations on casual dating. Please join me in this week-long love-learning journey and perhaps let it spark your need for change.


What have you shaken up lately? Are you stagnant in a place that you could make a change in order to invite a quantum shift?


Unlikely Places: Song of the Moment Edition! Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

Spiritual reminders and bitch slaps come in many shapes, sizes, and places. I love to sing, so I’ve always looked for signs within songs and lately I’ve had Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors”. I have to tell you, I LOVE this song! Seriously, it has been on repeat… and repeat. Haha.

My unabashed adoration of this song aside, it reminds me that other people truly are our mirrors. Some people are placed in our lives to mirror the good we see in ourselves, some the bad, and others still the changes we wish we could make. We are all faced with people that are difficult to get along with and occasionally you will find someone that just irks you for no apparent reason. There are countless books, techniques, classes, and articles on how to deal with difficult people, but the truth is simple (but can be difficult) – regard that person as a mirror.

Today’s society tends to promote the individual, but it is high time to step out of that and realize that we are all connected and that the way you are affected by someone is a reflection – your subconscious niggling at you ABOUT YOU. Very rarely does it actually have to do with them. It is so much easier to deal with other people than it is to deal with yourself – a very roundabout way of dealing with your own issues. Do some deep digging and find the root cause to figure out why that person just gets under your skin because the answer is always looking back at you.

When you change the way you perceive that person it becomes all too easy to brush it off flip your hair and move on with your day.

Searching for Soulful Relationship and Freedom: A Confession, Invitation, and A Spark Rolled Up In One Post

Confession: I’m feeling stuck these days.
A little (lot) imprisoned.
I am the Queen of Silver Linings, a Goddess of Rising Above the Odds – but I want more than that.
Lately, I’ve been feeling seduced by a notion.
Freedom of financial woes, dramatic relationship, iron clad schedules, people pleasing, deadlines.
Just pure, unadulterated freedom.
Freedom to follow the concepts and ideas that pull at my heart-strings, go on impromptu adventures,  join soul sisters for coffee or brunch on a whim, get up and clean when I have the urge to, sleep and eat well and take care of myself and not stop until I’m wholly renewed no matter how much time or expense it takes.
I have this calling, this urge, this pull towards a certain something that’s been lurking and (not-so) silently begging to be explored and created.
Alas, I am in overwhelm with two jobs that have somehow pushed me into a revolving door of soulless work and nights of sleep that never quite quench my exhaustion.
I feel change is on the horizon and I am ready to take a plunge.
I am ready to join the ever-flowing current and let the universe take me where it needs me.
I am ready to give up this way that is no longer serving me.

Cliff diving with JT

Cliff diving with JT (Photo credit: 4ELEVEN Images)

We all come to this time.
Some patterns are easier than others to let go and I hit my breaking point when I cried out from sheer exhaustion.
I have carried this knowing for a while now.
This time in my life has been all about learning to fall in love with who and where I am now and to realize that there are no wrong decisions because I am – and you are – exactly who and where you are meant to be in this moment.
That is the foundation of what I am feeling I am called to bring to the world: to teach and inspire people to reach this realization without the sometimes painful events that lead us to finally grasping this concept that is so simple, but so large.
I want to use concepts and tools that aren’t classically tied to self-love because traditional (mostly) ain’t my schtick. I put a wish into the universe sealed with hope and a kiss to find my soul sisters (and bros!) that I need to move forward now.
Wish me luck and better yet join me on this journey.
We’ve only just begun.


Let that freak flag fly high!